What we offer

Counselling and Support Services offered by the Counselling Centres JADWIGA for female victims of human trafficking


The multicultural team of JADWIGA offers specialised counselling in the following languages: German, English, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, French, and Arabic.

During our first counselling session we inform the clients about their rights, clarify their current needs, and offer our support.

Throughout the following counselling sessions, we analyse possible future perspectives and support clients to reach their goals.

When needed, we assist women over an extended period of time.

  • We assist our clients in any matters concerning official documents and throughout the application procedures for social benefits.
  • We support and accompany our clients when dealing with the authorities, clarifying legal issues concerning their residence.
  • If necessary, we support our clients in finding suitable shelter.
  • We arrange doctor's and psychotherapy appointments, accompanying our clients upon request.
  • We help our clients in finding an appropriate language course or schooling system.
  • If possible, we stay by the side of our clients during the integration process.
  • We collaborate with organizations in the source countries of our clients, organising assisted repatriations if desired.
  • We support witnesses in criminal procedures by accompanying them to the police or to court.


In case there are indicators of sexual exploitation, the staff of municipal offices in charge of the registration procedure or the workers of public health departments can ask for the specialised support of our colleagues which speak different foreign languages.

Upon request, we offer private counselling sessions, thereby supporting women in escaping exploitative conditions and starting a self-determined life.

If there are indicators of human trafficking, JADWIGA is contacted by the social workers of detention centres, police officers etc. and can be granted an allowance to visit the potential victim. In pre-trial detention centres and in deportation centres, victims of human trafficking, who have not yet received specialised support, can be granted this service.

If needed, we can organize protected housing facilities within a shelter, addressing basic needs such as clothing or food.

The JADWIGA consultants regularly visit several facilities dedicated to help refugees (initial reception centres, refugee camps). Through the events (JADWIGA women's café), we identify women affected by human trafficking and forced marriage, offering individual counselling.

We conduct prevention and information activities dedicated to refugee women by means of group discussions. We thereby aim for our clients to refuse fraudulent offers coming from potential human traffickers situated near their facilities or on German territory.

After clearing the identity of our clients, we support women affected by human trafficking, which are currently in asylum procedure and inform them about their rights within the procedures.

If the client decides to return, JADWIGA will support her in organizing the homeward journey to her European source country. This service includes the procurement of new travel documents.

Upon request, we contact specialised organizations based in the client’s home country. This will ensure the provision of support services even after repatriation. We will further implement our client's needs, providing housing, therapy, and reintegration.

For us, it is crucial to guarantee the safety and rehabilitation of our clients even after returning to their home countries. We thereby hope to prevent secondary victimisation.

However, our work is not terminated with repatriation. We remain in close contact with clients and their supporting organisations over several months. Clients must sometimes return to Germany as they function as witnesses in criminal trials. In such cases, we organise our client's return to Germany and ensure the safety of their homeward journey. Additionally, we support and accompany our clients during criminal court proceedings.

As a specialised counselling centre, we share our knowledge with partner organisations, raising awareness on how to work with victims of human trafficking and forced marriage. We aim to alleviate the difficulties victims might encounter on their way to leading a self-determined life.

JADWIGA offers, upon request, specialised presentations, and training sessions on human trafficking and forced marriage.

Recent activites (in German)

Visiting Florika in June 2019. Photo: © Stop dem Frahendanel gGmbHVisiting Florika in June 2019. Photo: © Stop dem Frahendanel gGmbHThrough our umbrella company STOP the trafficking of women we engage in prevention activities carried out through the “Florika Project” in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, in collaboration with local anti-human trafficking NGOs, we are involved in various prevention and information activities carried out in Romania. We aim to fight human trafficking in Romania, the country registering some of the largest numbers of victims in human trafficking. In doing this, we strive to decrease the cases of Romanian women trafficked in Germany.