Support within the repatriation procedures

If the client decides to return, JADWIGA will support her in organizing the homeward journey to her European source country. This service includes the procurement of new travel documents.

Upon request, we contact specialised organizations based in the client’s home country. This will ensure the provision of support services even after repatriation. We will further implement our client's needs, providing housing, therapy, and reintegration.

For us, it is crucial to guarantee the safety and rehabilitation of our clients even after returning to their home countries. We thereby hope to prevent secondary victimisation.

However, our work is not terminated with repatriation. We remain in close contact with clients and their supporting organisations over several months. Clients must sometimes return to Germany as they function as witnesses in criminal trials. In such cases, we organise our client's return to Germany and ensure the safety of their homeward journey. Additionally, we support and accompany our clients during criminal court proceedings.